December 14-15, 2017

Medtech Impact Expo & Conference

Venetian / Palazzo Resort

Las Vegas, NV

(561) 893-8633

Month: November 2016

MedTech Impact® Expo AND Conference: How Emerging Technology Is Transforming Healthcare

Expands Access to Co-Located Conference

Product showcase expands to over 300 companies and businesses that represent the forefront of scientific and medical research, exhibiting devices and technologies that are progressively shaping and structuring the field of healthcare.

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 15, 2016 –– MedTech Impact® 2016 Expo and Conference, December 9-10, 2016 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, NV, hosted by The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, announces MedTech Impact 2016 registrations to now include entry to the exhibits of its co-located event, 24th Annual Winter World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine.

“Expanding the learning opportunity across these two events is a benefit we are excited to offer our conference attendees,” saidDoreen Brown, CEO of the Tarsus Medical Group. “Tarsus takes great pride in our core teaching mission, and allowing every attendee to have access to the full exhibit floor, at no additional charge, is an opportunity for our customers to learn even more and network with a larger group.” Read More

Tsunami In Technology

The wave of healthcare technology is surging into view, akin to a tsunami: as it rapidly rushes towards the landscape of medicine, the cost of tools are dropping at the same rate that options are growing.

At the Cleveland Clinic’s annual Medical Innovations Summit last week, Daniel Kraft—an oncologist, and chair of medicine and neuroscience at Singularity University—asked his audience a critical question: are the right platforms and infrastructure in place to catch the proverbial ‘wave’?

Kraft described the bridge between medicine and technology: how popular, widely-used and accessible consumer devices can potentially deliver molecular-level disease diagnosis and treatment. A smartwatch can collect all the data that intensive care manages; an ultrasound can be done for a fraction of the price with a device that plugs into a smartphone. Hundreds of apps and startups have produced, and are continuing to deliver, massive amounts of data. With the advent and proliferation of this digital technology, it is possible to make more effective and personalized healthcare the new golden standard.

Yet if digital tools can ultimately solve several of healthcare’s overarching problems, how do we prepare the foundation to most effectively utilize them, and manage the immense quantity of data?

Register for MedTech Impact, and be on the frontline of medicine. MedTech Impact is a conference that gives healthcare professionals the ability to learn best practices and techniques while viewing and learning about the latest emerging technologies in the medical field. Through educational sessions, case studies, keynote addresses, and an exhibit hall that showcases technologies like wearables, biosensors, and 3D printing, attendees can immediately harness the technologies in their practices, and effectively improve patient service.